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750MC #ClubEnduro Continues to Amaze!

Together, We Progress (TWP) Racing travelled South for the fourth CARTEK Club Enduro race of the year with the 750 Motor Club. Humid conditions and a sky that constantly threatened meant a hot race for both cars and drivers with the attrition across all three Classes meaning some never even made the startline.

The first race for both TWP cars as independent entries proved challenging for the Team; light in numbers due to summer commitments for many of the Students. Added to that both cars were struggling with understeer during the Thursday test and Saturday saw a late-night rush to solve the issue.

Silverstone was always going to be a struggle for the Team with both cars down on power in a very strong Class assembled on the high speed International Circuit. Speaking of the Hp issue TWP Relationship Manager Will Earp said "power costs money that we have had to spend that money elsewhere this year - mainly on the logistical side of the Team - but both cars will receive engine upgrades in time for Spa, we simply couldn't stretch to them in time for this race".

In hindsight the investment was probably best left as the new Mk3 car blew a hole clean through both sides of the engine after an hour and five minutes running throwing six litres of FUCHS Lubricants' finest across one of the Circuits fastest corners! The team's Student Society President, Aaron Hissey said "it looks like a con-rod failed and punctured both side walls of the block as its flailed around".

So a fifth-place finish out of 11 in Class & 20th overall (with 18 places gained during the race) for Nick Dougill and Graeme McMurchie in the Mk1. A DNF for George Grant and Will Earp in the Mk3. Not ideal but the Team went into the weekend knowing the odds were stacked against them. Two consolations however: both cars are due some engine upgrades over the next five weeks with the Mk1 continuing to slog on regardless of what the race throws at it. Secondly, considering that the Mk3 is a completely new-build and that no-one can foresee a blown block, no other issues were found with the car.

Moving Forward

Thanks must go to our title sponsor MX-5 Parts: when we found ourselves needing a spare at (very) short notice the part magically appeared within two hours all the way from Portsmouth delivered in a brand new Mk4 MX-5. Now that's service!

After a weekend that many may have wished to forget, Team Principle Jon Earp was quietly upbeat:

"You cannot plan for an engine letting go - you certainly cannot engineer it out - it's just one of those things. What we did learn from Silverstone was the Students have built a solid car; electrics (both engine and chassis looms), suspension, fuel delivery system, cockpit ergonomics, bodywork and aero package, they all worked.

And whilst the Mk3 failed to see the flag the Mk1 just gets better and better!

We were always going to be punching above our weight at Silverstone, but with an engine upgrade planned for both cars in the break before Spa (actually that's just become an engine upgrade and an engine rebuild and upgrade before Spa!) we'll hopefully be providing the drivers with a better all-round package for the upcoming races.

Even though we only have three races left this season the pressure is actually only now starting to show with a two, six and twelve hour over just seven weeks there's a lot still to do".

So, onto Spa Francorchamps...a dream surely?..

All images (c) Joshua Barrett

2017 Race Calendar:

750 Motor Club CARTEK Club Enduro

19 Mar Donington 2hr 23 Apr Snetterton 2hr 08 Jul Anglesey 3hr 20 Aug Silverstone (Int) 2hr 01 Oct Spa Francorchamps 2hr

750 Motor Club Birkett Relay

28 Oct Silverstone GP 6hr

BARC / Mission Motorsport Race of Remembrance

11/12 Nov Anglesey 12hr

That's 29 hours of racing!!!

TWP: Together, We Progress. In partnership with Wrexham Glyndwr University.

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