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TWP Racing Look forward to Round 2

With less than a week before the second 750 Motor Club CARTEK Club Enduro race of the year TWP Racing welcome two new drivers to the team: Gentleman-racer David Smith has previously competed against the team in both the 360 Motor Racing Club 6hr and the Race of Remembrance whilst Nick Dougill - an old friend, not to mention sponsor of the team - brings years of experience of MX-5 racing to the fold.

The team hope to continue the success of Donington: "we were somewhat humbled with a podium-finish" said Team Principle Jon Earp, "looking at the data we were certainly on-pace in terms of our two drivers getting the most from the car - we were quickest of all the MX-5s on the grid, Mk1 and Mk3! - but realistically we either need to find some horsepower or lose some weight to aim for that top step". That is exactly what has been happening in the workshop over the past few weeks!

Other than substantial panel and suspension damage (the result of the car being the middle of a three-car-wide entry to the first corner after the rolling start), the biggest problem the Team suffered over the Donington weekend was an inconsistent brake pedal; something that has been quickly rectified with a larger double master cylinder.

The Team's new Mk3 MX-5 continues to prove problematic and will miss the Snetterton round; the younger, much larger car is only 80kgs heavier than the Mk1 - a result of a studious approach to the build, shaving grams wherever possible - and putting the car (that runs an aero package, full endurance light set-up, wider track and tyres and a hardtop roof) only 70 kgs lighter than an equivalent Supercup sprint car! "With almost every panel on the Mk1 damaged at Donington and limited Student time available we had to decide where to focus our attention prior to Snetterton" Earp continued "with a solid baseline already set with the Mk1 it would have been remiss of us to take the unproven car - even though the whole Team has put their heart and soul into its build. Better to wait for the Anglesey round in July and come out fighting with two cars equally matched in terms of both testing and potential".

The team have a mixed history with the Mk1 at Snetterton; having finished the 360MRC 6hr race second in Class back in 2015 their 2016 visit ended with a minor engine fire in the garage that led to irreparable loom damage before the car set a wheel on the track. Needless to say everyone holds high hopes for next weekend...


To those new to our journey, the Team is run, co-ordinated, organised, delievered and managed by the Students themselves. In a true co-operative nature the University staff and TWP Racing are there to advise, guide and mentor the Students.

We are always looking for sponsors and business partners to join us. We have some hugely exciting projects waiting for the right backing...

All photographs (c) Ade Barnett Photography.

2017 Race Calendar:

750 Motor Club CARTEK Club Enduro

19 Mar Donington 2hr 23 Apr Snetterton 2hr 08 Jul Anglesey 3hr 20 Aug Silverstone (Int) 2hr 01 Oct Spa Francorchamps 2hr

750 Motor Club Birkett Relay

28 Oct Silverstone GP 6hr

BARC / Mission Motorsport Race of Remembrance

11/12 Nov Anglesey 12hr

That's 29 hours of racing!!!

TWP: Together, We Progress. In partnership with Wrexham Glyndwr University.

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